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Class Action Lawsuits

"I have been a part of at least 4 Class Action Lawsuits and all it took was a few minutes to make out the paperwork and answer some questions. I received a check from each one. Class Action Lawsuits are a kind of a "tag a long" lawsuit. Usually you don't need to do anything but paperwork to get your part of the settlement. One person brings a suit against a company and if it affected more than just that one person, a class action suit is started. Those it affected join the suit and all share in any settlement. I'm sure most of you have seen an ad or a TV commercial asking if you've used a product or been giving a drug that was recalled. The makers of this product or that drug, have put away money in a settlement for claimants to receive. By making out the paperwork, you become a "member" or claimant, to receive money against the settlement."

Some Things To Know About Class Action Lawsuits.

Class actions lawsuits are most common where the allegations involve a large number of people who have been injured by the same defendant in the same way. Instead of each injured person's bringing his or her own lawsuit, the class action allows all the claims of all class members, whether they know they have been injured or not, to be resolved in a single proceeding.

There are several ways to become a part of a Class Action Lawsuit. One way I became a claimant was by receiving a letter in the mail asking me if I'd like to be considered a claimant for a settlement pending against a company I once worked for. I had once worked for a gas station years before, that required us to pay any shortage we had on our shifts. Approx: 7 years after I had got done with them, I got a letter in the mail. They got caught making employees pay for shortages and had to settle with past employes. I filled out the paperwork and received a check. No testifying involved.

One time, I was arrested and brought into jail during a time period when a woman was also brought into the same jail and unlawfully searched. Guess they made her get fully nude. When she reported it to her Attorney the jail was asked about this procedure. The administration said that was the norm for all incoming inmates. I am guessing some part of that search against her was unlawful and a year later, I get a letter in the mail asking if I was in the jail at the same time she was in there. I was. Everyone who was in jail at that same time got that letter and no doubt joined the Class Action Law Suit. I received a settlement of $700.00 .. for making out paperwork.



Some Class Action Suits you have to seek out to join.Thirty years ago I saw an ad in a newspaper that said a Class Action Lawsuit had been won against the makers of The Copper 7. This was an IUD and back in the day it was used as a form of birth control. But later on they found, it also caused miscarriages. That is what happened to us. I made out the paperwork and found only two boxes listing the amounts of the settlements. One was with document proof, worth thousands, one was without document proof, worth hundreds. Without document proof meaning, you just had to say it happened and you received a check.

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My Final Thought...

"In the "old days" we used to hear about these kind of settlements being offered from TV commercials or in newspapers. It would take a bit of work to get involved with them. Sending in for the form, placing into a stamped envelope, sending the form in and doing so before the date to do so expired. With the internet, it has become almost too easy to just join any lawsuit. No forms to request, no stamps to buy. The two links above will show you the latest groups of Class Action Lawsuits now available to join if you qualify. Every couple of months I check the (Missing Money) link to see I or anyone I may know, is owed free money. I'll check the Class Action Lawsuits above from time to time to see I, or anyone I know, qualifies for a settlement check that you may not knew about and that may not need much work to get.
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