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Filing For A Waiver Of The Filing Fee

"If you cannot afford to pay the filing fees, there is a waiver form that can be made out and submitted to the court for consideration. There are different court fees that you can request to be waived. The filing fee to file documents, the service fee to have the documents served, a mediation fee for family matters and an appeal fee, which helps pay for your appeal should you disagree with the judges decision.

Who Can Qualify To File Waiver Filing Fees?

"There shall be a presumption that a moving party is without sufficient funds if the moving party's affidavit states that the person's income is derived from poverty-based public assistance programs. If the court denies the application, the action shall be dismissed without prejudice, unless within seven days after the denial the plaintiff pays the fee to the clerk."

If your financial circumstance does not allow you to start or defend a court action you may qualify from paying court fees. You should qualify if your only income is TANF, General Assistance, SSI, or if your Unemployed. You may also qualify if your income is determined to be very low. If the Judge decides that you cannot pay fees, you should get your waiver approved.

How Do I Apply To Waive Fees?

You do this by filing two extra forms with the Court, form CV-067 & form CV-191. You would file these two forms with your court papers. You can get these forms from the clerk of courts at the District or Superior Court, or print the forms from the PineTree Legal website link below.

PTL - Forms for Fee Waivers

PTL's website shows you how to fill out these two forms. You should find them easy to fill out.

What Do I Do With My Completed Forms?

Once the two forms are completed, After you have filled out these forms, bring them back to the court clerk along with your other court forms. The clerk will ask a judge to review them. You may or may not have to see the judge. The clerk will tell you what the judge decided.

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My Final Thought...

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