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"As my friends and family already know, I built this website to help those who just need information on their rights. Pleas remember, laws change and what I have written could be changed at anytime. My whole intention is to give you information and a starting point. I have researched and ensured every word I have written, is true. I also try to keep up on all the changes in the laws passed. However, an Attorney is the one who will ensure you that one hasn't got by me or has been changed."

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My Final Thought...

"I would ask you to please remember, my knowledge is from helping others and doing the work involved to help them with their cases. I am NOT a Lawyer. I really enjoy exploring all the angles of any legal situation one finds themselves in. I also enjoy helping those that have been wronged or just have given up. When I help others it fuels my desire to learn more. I hope this website helps you to understand how and where to seek help. How to involve yourself with your Attorney and help them with your case. Hopefully you will learn a thing or two that helps you in your own struggles. To me, some of the laws seems simple. Almost common sense. I always start at the end and work my way back. What is the worst thing that could happen to you? Spending time in jail? Paying a fine? Having to report to a Probation Officer? Go to the end. That is where you start. Once you know what the end result might be, It makes it a bit easier to focus on what needs to be done and what you can live with as far as a plea agreement"